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Improve Your Future With Our Veteran Assistance

NAAM House ℠ began offering charitable assistance in 2014 to disabled veterans and housing and coordinated services for our veterans' benefit. We believe that our Nation’s veterans have the right to live a peaceful, productive life, and our team strives to create processes to help reduce recurrent homelessness amongst veterans.

Our Mission Statement

We desire to be the adjustment service provider for you that we once needed; the guiding light and stability in the storm, the voice you lost, and the hand you need to reach your new “normal.”

From the Founder

“In 2011, I was medically evacuated from Iraq. I returned home and experienced the hardest battle of my life — Readjustment. The program’s offered me and the staff I encountered were less than professional and at times contributed to the “ending it all" feeling that I struggled with. My family was unaware of what I was battling between physical pain and mental illness, and to be honest, my anger, lack of sleep, and anxiety made me difficult to handle.

Communicating my needs seemed to fall on deaf ears, and I lost my voice to depression, anxiety, and anger. I needed help, someone to express to doctors my symptoms and frequency of what was happening at home, including how my symptoms worsened and affected my family and life. I wasn’t provided the services I needed, and it took years to receive the proper services I required. It is as a result of my five years of struggle and discussion with others like me that I developed this program.”

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You can reach out to NAAM House Initiative, inc. anytime for assistance. We have a live person to speak with on weekdays and can also reach out quickly if you leave an after-hours message. Our organization is here to help you live a better life as a veteran, one that you deserve!

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