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NAAM HOUSE INITIATIVE, INC.  established to reduce recurrent homelessness within the chronically ill, disabled veteran population. We provide a unique combination of human services to assist the veteran's transition into civilian life. We aim to "Give back to those who gave their all."


New York’s Trusted Veteran Assistance

Our transitional care services are unique and coordinated with proven success. We are veteran-owned and designed, with complete dedication to improving the quality of life for our veterans. NAAM HOUSE INITIATIVE, INC. provides resources for vocational and educational training, job placement, and partnerships with our Disabled American Veterans (DAV) sponsor to advocate and assist in compensation claims. We also coordinate appointments, monitor, and facilitate our clients' health and well-being, and more through our caregiving service in a family home structure.

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Our human services program gives veterans the life skills, care, and resources needed to live independently. Learn about our transitional care program.

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Interested in applying to NAAM HOUSE ™ Queens location? NAAM HOUSE will provide clean, safe, and secure housing for homeless chronically-ill disabled Veterans. Learn more about the requirements of our program before applying—supply contact information.

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NAAM HOUSE INITIATIVE, INC. is dedicated to improving the lives of veterans, who all deserve compassionate care. Please donate to our cause here. We are a New York State Non- Profit organization #6226759.

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Want to know more about our program and how we can support you through the struggle? Get in touch with us online for complete assistance.

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Helping Homeless Veterans

NAAM HOUSE INITIATIVE, INC. main office is located in Staten Island, New York. We strive to provide veterans assistance in gaining the skills and resources needed to achieve their new ‘normal.’ We founded our services agency to help veterans with chronic illness or injury while coordinating with the veteran community to enhance agency. Through our mission, services, and availability, we will end veteran homelessness.

NAAM HOUSE is accepting applications now.

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Through a small gift, we can give Chronically Ill Disabled Veterans access to housing, respect, advocacy to attain adequate medical diagnosis and treatment, everyday life skills, and help to mitigate the circumstances leading to recurrent homelessness.