Trusted Veteran Transitional Care

NAAM House Initiative, inc. of New York offers human services referrals and temporary housing within a Home-Life Environment. We help veterans with chronic illness or injury transition to a new normal. Our veteran-operated and designed organization focuses on personalized caregiving services to assess and observe our clients while providing life skills and support, such as referral services. NAAM House Initiative, inc. believes you deserve to live a happy life, and we’re ready to improve upon your ability as a veteran to live independently and thrive.

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Support for Your Independence

We provide assistance and support for veterans for up to two years, at which point they will be moved based on their unique needs; this can range from an adult care facility to an independent dwelling. NAAM House Initiative, inc. wants you to succeed at all levels as a fully acclimated veteran, benefitting from our support, information, and resources to ensure that you are heard, recognized, and helped. Our aim is for each Veteran to feel a sense of normalcy and thrive.

From rent planning and budgeting to food prep, daily living, and more, our team helps implement a plan of action and execute it by building daily skills. Activities such as waking up on time, cleaning your room and the common areas, going to the grocery store, and repetitive work can receive attention to help you better life independently.

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Our veteran-Services Organization was founded to be there in your time of need, from compensation and benefits application, relocation services, job, vocational training, housing support, counseling referrals, and more. Learn about the qualifications for our adult transitional care, or contact us online for complete assistance.

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